I was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona and grew up enjoying camping and fishing along the Colorado River and in the local mountain ranges. After high school I served in the Air Force and then spent some years in Oklahoma and Ohio before returning to Arizona. While pursuing an Associate Degree in Art and Design, I worked in construction and remodeling to pay for school. Those early years saw me working on all aspects of residential and commercial construction, and I appreciate that opportunity to be introduced to so many trades. Tucson’s tile industry made it possible for me to work in high-end and custom homes, including Oprah’s own resort accommodations, and I came to enjoy helping clients create dynamic and durable surfaces in new construction and renovations.

My wife finished her graduate program at University of Arizona in 2011 and we moved to Lincoln in 2012 when she took a job as a professor at UNL. I got to know Lincoln and meet great clients by doing installation for Merkel Tile and Rainwood Interiors in my first few years here. Always looking to improve and refine my installation techniques, I enrolled in the Certified Tile Installer (CTI) program and received my certification in 2017. CTI certification assures clients that I am always following the highest industry standards in tile installation to ensure the longevity and quality of their projects. With twenty years of tile experience, and my CTI certification in hand, I started JKS Tile & Flooring (named after myself, my wife, and our daughter: James, Katrina, and Skya), and have been doing beautiful work in Country Club homes as well as serving clients throughout Lincoln and surrounding communities ever since.

Being sole owner and proprietor of JKS Tile & Flooring has allowed me to continue the small business family tradition. My father owned a windows and blinds installation and servicing company in Tucson, and I worked alongside him when needed. I enjoy sharing aspects of the business with my daughter, who likes to weigh in about tile color and finishes and is developing her own eye for design. Lincoln has been especially welcoming and I appreciate the network of clients who trust me with their homes and the many builders and contractors who have helped me grow my business. I pride myself on listening to clients and working with them to meet their budget and their expectations. Country Club homes are exciting to work in because of their historic charm and unique floor plans. Helping clients achieve renovations that are both classic and innovative has been rewarding so far and I look forward to working with more of you soon.

The Certified Tile Installer (CTI ) Program is a National Standard for Tile Installation to ensure that ceramic tile gets installed correctly the first time.  Read what members of the tile industry say about installation certification.

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